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My Top 5 Sleep Tips

You love your sleep. We all do. But, how can I increase my quality of sleep? These are my top 5 sleep tips to start sleeping like a baby! Start Nasal Breathing Our bodies are designed to breathe nasally. When we breathe through our nose we increase oxygen circulation, improve the function of our diaphragmContinue reading “My Top 5 Sleep Tips”

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Jessica M.

“Jonathan has been my coach for the better part of 2 years now, and he’s done a tremendous job of getting me to achieve my initial goals, and now I have bigger goals, like running my first marathon!”

Alexander R.

“I started training with Jonathan when I was just a junior in high school, and he’s been a huge reason why I’ve been able to achieve my lifelong goal of becoming a collegiate baseball player.”

Tim A.

“I never thought online coaching would ever be an option for me because I needed a lot of coaching with my form, and I’ve always had chronic low back pain. Fast forward 6 months, and my form is the best its ever been and my low back pain is gone!”

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