7 Goals of a Strength and Conditioning Program

This is a short and brief list of goals that I believe any Strength and Conditioning Program should have. This was put together to help educate sport coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers or anyone else who works directly with athletes. They are not in any specific order, but all are incredibly important forContinue reading “7 Goals of a Strength and Conditioning Program”

Will Putting Your Hands on Your Head Actually Help You Recover?

We all remember at some point in our lives having a coach or trainer tell us to “get your hands off your knees” when we are bent over gasping for air. They probably told you to stand up and put your hands on top of your head so you can open up your lungs andContinue reading “Will Putting Your Hands on Your Head Actually Help You Recover?”

Get Hydrated!

We’re all aware of how important proper hydration is to our performance as athletes and also our daily lives. However, most people do not consider how important water is for our heart. Our hearts won’t have to work as hard if we are well hydrated and will therefore improve our heart health! By staying hydrated,Continue reading “Get Hydrated!”