How to Stay Consistent in the Gym?

Consistency + Effort = Results This is the formula for success for anything worth chasing. Whether it be in the gym, in business, in school or even with nutrition. It’s a simple formula, but definitely not easy to execute. I’m gonna list a few of my top tips for improving your consistency in the gym:Continue reading “How to Stay Consistent in the Gym?”

What’s the Best Training Split?

This question comes up a lot, and rightfully so. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to make a decision on what’s really best for you. So, that’s what this article is intended for. If you don’t know what a “Training Split” is, it’s basically just how you organize and program your workoutsContinue reading “What’s the Best Training Split?”

How Do I Improve My Agility?

Agility is incredibly important to an athlete’s performance. Without great agility, you’ll never be a an elite athlete. So how do we improve it? Many factors go into it, but if you were waiting to see “Agility Ladder” in this article, turn away now because it won’t be here. 1.) The first thing every athleteContinue reading “How Do I Improve My Agility?”

My Top 5 Landmine Exercises

The Landmine is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment out there. It’s capable of endless amounts of different exercises. You can do upper body, lower body, core, power exercises, mobility, etc. This list is composed of 5 of my favorite exercises to do with the landmine attachment: Half Kneeling Landmine Press ThisContinue reading “My Top 5 Landmine Exercises”

The “Stacked” Position and Why It’s Important

Do you frequently suffer from lower back pain? Their is an endless amount of reasons why this might be happening, but the topic of this article could definitely be one. Check it out below! Take a look at the picture below. This article will be referencing this picture quite often. Many people are constantly stuckContinue reading “The “Stacked” Position and Why It’s Important”

Top 10 Resistance Band Exercises for Athletes

Before we get started, please keep in mind that this list is my professional opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Please understand that there are many great exercises that did not make this list, but I could only choose 10. These 10 exercises are great for everybody, especially for times when we areContinue reading “Top 10 Resistance Band Exercises for Athletes”

What Young Athletes DON’T Need

Disclaimer: This article is specifically designed for athletes between 8-13 years old. Although, most of these apply to all athletes. 1. Early Specialization This is one of the most popular topics out there when it comes to youth athletes. We don’t need athletes specializing in one sport from an early age. Let the kids haveContinue reading “What Young Athletes DON’T Need”

5 Speed Tips for Young Athletes

Speed is a gamechanger. No matter the age or sport, faster athletes can affect the outcome of any game. If you build a solid foundation for your technique at a young age, you will be able to continuously improve your speed and significantly reduce the chance of an injury. In my own experience, I haveContinue reading “5 Speed Tips for Young Athletes”

Youth Strength Training

Youth strength training is a topic that has been discussed since what feels like the beginning of time. This is a topic of interest for many researchers, clinicians, coaches and parents. The questions that come to mind when thinking about this topic are: When to start? How much is enough? How often? Will it stuntContinue reading “Youth Strength Training”

Progressive Overload: What You Need to Know

Progressive Overload- the most important law of strength training! If you’ve been an athlete or have been training for awhile, then you have probably heard of the term before. If you are new to strength training, progressive overload simply means that you are doing more over time. It’s more than just putting more weight onContinue reading “Progressive Overload: What You Need to Know”