How to Stay Consistent in the Gym?

Consistency + Effort = Results This is the formula for success for anything worth chasing. Whether it be in the gym, in business, in school or even with nutrition. It’s a simple formula, but definitely not easy to execute. I’m gonna list a few of my top tips for improving your consistency in the gym:Continue reading “How to Stay Consistent in the Gym?”

How Many Sets and Reps?

“Coach, how many sets and reps should I do?” I’ve heard this question at least 1,000 times. It sounds easy, but depending on your goals, the answer can vary greatly. Let’s dive right into it. Before we can determine the correct amount of sets and reps to do for an exercise, we must first specifyContinue reading “How Many Sets and Reps?”

My Top 5 Landmine Exercises

The Landmine is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment out there. It’s capable of endless amounts of different exercises. You can do upper body, lower body, core, power exercises, mobility, etc. This list is composed of 5 of my favorite exercises to do with the landmine attachment: Half Kneeling Landmine Press ThisContinue reading “My Top 5 Landmine Exercises”

The “Stacked” Position and Why It’s Important

Do you frequently suffer from lower back pain? Their is an endless amount of reasons why this might be happening, but the topic of this article could definitely be one. Check it out below! Take a look at the picture below. This article will be referencing this picture quite often. Many people are constantly stuckContinue reading “The “Stacked” Position and Why It’s Important”