How to Stay Consistent in the Gym?

Consistency + Effort = Results

This is the formula for success for anything worth chasing. Whether it be in the gym, in business, in school or even with nutrition.

It’s a simple formula, but definitely not easy to execute.

I’m gonna list a few of my top tips for improving your consistency in the gym:

  1. Choose REALISTIC Goals

Going from 0mph to 100mph is the #1 cause of failure and burnout. If your goal is to consistently workout 5 times per week, but you currently aren’t working out at all, you NEED to build up to that.

Instead of going from 0 to 5 sessions in one week, try to just add one session. That’s a 100% increase. It’s definitely REALISTIC, and definitely something you can do every week! No, it’s not what your goal is, but it’s a start. Once you can comfortably handle that 1 session per week, add a 2nd session. Follow this process until the goal is accomplished.

2. Treat your workouts like important appointments

Imagine you have a very important doctor appointment coming up. It’s a VERY serious appointment regarding your health. Would you miss that appointment?

I sure hope not.

Something that has helped me and a lot of my clients, is putting your workouts into the calendar on your phone. Set a reminder for 30 minutes before your usual workout time. There’s no excuses after that. Just get your ass to the gym.

3. Commit

From day 1 you need to understand that you are doing this for your long-term health. The results you are looking for will NOT come quick. Commit to living an active lifestyle and you’ll reap the benefits. This goes back to #1, but start with realistic goals. The beginning of your journey will be imperative to your success or failure.

4. Be Disciplined, not Motivated.

Motivation will only last a short amount of time. On the other hand, discipline can last forever! Getting into a routine and building strong habits will set you up for success with your discipline. Doing the boring work will lead to extraordinary results.

5. Dominate your Recovery

Your ability to recover from your workouts will keep you feeling fresh and injury free. If we’re injured, then we can’t workout. And if we can’t workout, then we can’t live an active lifestyle. Dominating your sleep and nutrition will be vital to your success. If you need some tips to enhance your sleep, check out “My Top 5 Sleep Tips” article!

If there’s one thing that you take away from this article, just remember what the recipe for success is:

Consistency + Effort = Results

Now, get out there and dominate!

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Published by Jonathan Valentini,

B.A. Exercise Science, Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach, Former NCAA athlete, CSCS, CSAC, CPR/AED

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